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Welcome to Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessments!
Conservation resources are limited, and with thousands of threatened species in need of help the Conservation Needs Assessment process seeks to objectively and consistently identify priority species and their immediate conservation needs.   Read more...
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Amphibian scientists, field biologists, amphibian husbandry experts and others are vital to the success of the amphibian conservation needs assessments. Sharing your amphibian expertise and experiences will enhance our assessments, ensuring that conservation actions are delivered where they are most needed. Read more...

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Recent Assessments

Melanobatrachus indicus , India, karthik@ccmb.res.in,  22 Oct 2016 
Ingerana charlesdarwini , India, Harikrishnan,  20 Oct 2016 
Raorchestes travancoricus , India, rajkumarkp,  01 Oct 2016 
Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis , India, sandeep.koodu,  30 Sep 2016 
Raorchestes chlorosomma , India, Froggydame,  29 Sep 2016 
Bufoides meghalayanus , India, karthik@ccmb.res.in,  08 Aug 2016 
Rhacophorus pseudomalabaricus , India, karthik@ccmb.res.in,  03 Jul 2016 
Triturus cristatus , Hungary, jvoros,  24 May 2016 
Triturus dobrogicus , Hungary, jvoros,  24 May 2016 
Triturus carnifex , Hungary, jvoros,  24 May 2016 
Salamandra salamandra , Hungary, jvoros,  24 May 2016 
Rana temporaria , Hungary, jvoros,  24 May 2016 

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