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Scientists, field biologists and researchers, animal husbandry experts and others are vital to the success of the Conservation Needs Assessments. Sharing your expertise and experiences will enhance the assessments, ensuring that appropriate recommendations for national and global conservation actions are delivered where they are most needed.

A complete Conservation Needs Assessment for each species includes current information on the status of the species in the wild; suitable habitat; the threats facing each species; cultural, scientific, socio-economic and phylogenetic significance; and past ex situ experience with the species, as well as information about potential authorization for any proposed ex situ conservation programs, and the availability of founder animals. Some of this information is best provided by field biologists and researchers, and some will be provided by people with relevant experience or knowledge of past ex situ conservation programs.

We welcome anyone with the appropriate expertise to contribute to the assessments, and if you would like to become an Assessor, please complete the short registration form by clicking the "Sign up to get started!" button on the Home page. Your request will be verified and approved by the appropriate National Facilitator - normally IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) Chairs, or Amphibian Ark staff, and you will receive a welcome email as soon as your request has been approved. This approval process ensures that all Assessors have appropriate expertise, resulting in assessments and the conservation actions recommended by those assessments that are of the highest possible quality.
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