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In 2006, the IUCN Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG, now Conservation Planning Specialist Group, CPSG) and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) held an Amphibian Ex Situ Conservation Planning workshop in El Valle, Panama, and during that workshop, a taxon selection and prioritization working group developed a series of questions to select and prioritize which species are most in need of ex situ assistance. Members of the working group were:
Andrés Acosta
Kevin Buley
Verónica Cano
Jorge Garcia
Richard Gibson
Graeme Gillespie
Bob Johnson
  Bob Lacy
Saskia Lafebre
Francisco J. López- López
César Molina
José Vicente
Tim Skelton

The decision tree was subsequently further reviewed and refined, and then developed into the AArk Conservation Needs Assessment process by the following Amphibian Ark staff:

Luis Carrillo
Ron Gagliardo
Richard Gibson
  Kevin Johnson
Joseph Mendelson III
Kevin Zippel

Funding for the development of the online version of the Conservation Needs Assessment software was generously supported by:

The software design working group included people with expertise in the Conservation Needs Assessment process, online software development, other online assessment processes (e.g. IUCN Red List) and end users of the application and recommendations (e.g. ASG members and program managers from the ex situ amphibian conservation community). Members of the design team were:

Diane Barber, Fort Worth Zoo, ex situ community, AZA Taxon Advisory Group Chair
Luis Carillo, Amphibian Ark, Zoofari, Mexico, volunteer Latin American Taxon Officer, assessment workshop
   facilitator, ex situ community, native Spanish-speaker
Gerardo Garcia, Chester Zoo, ex situ community, EAZA Taxon Advisory Group Chair, native Spanish-speaker
Jaime Garcia Moreno, Amphibian Survival Alliance, Acting Coordinator of the IUCN Amphibian Red List
   Authority, amphibian Red List assessment, online assessment process, native Spanish-speaker
Richard Gibson, Auckland Zoo, member of the original process design team, ex situ community, and
   assessment workshop facilitator
Kevin Johnson, AArk, assessment workshop facilitator
JoAnna Kelly, Miami, lead software developer
Mike Lannoo, ASG member, Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessment assessor
James Lewis, Amphibian Survival Alliance.

The online version of the Conservation Needs Assessment software was initially developed by JoAnna Kelly, with further programming made by Nicholas Cameron.

The help pages were written and edited by:

Manuel Beterams
Kevin Johnson
  Belén Proaño
Karin Schwartz

Translation into Spanish and French was done by:

Luis Carrillo
Belén Proaño
  Olivier Marquis (Paris Zoo)
Species images have been generously proved by AmphibiaWeb  
The Conservation Needs Assessment logo was created by Danny Beckwith. The "Endless Horizon" represents the sunset (potential species extinction), and the horizon represents the assessment process, that will help prolong species' existence.  


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