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  Approving assessments

Conservation Needs Assessments are added and updated by approved assessors. When an assessor has finished a species assessment, they mark it as “Complete”, and then save it. All assessments must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate national facilitator before they are included in reports such as National Recommended Conservation Actions, and before those assessments can be viewed by other users of the assessment data. This approval process ensures:
  • that all assessments have been made using the most current information known for each species,
  • that vital components of an assessment have not been overlooked,
  • that those assessments and the possible conservation actions are of the highest possible quality.

When an assessment has been marked as Complete, and saved, it will appear on the Approve Completed Assessments panel on the My Dashboard page when you login to the program. Each time you login to the program, you should check for any assessments in your country that are waiting for approval. If the list is long, it can be filtered to include only the assessments from your country by selecting your country from the Country dropdown, and clicking the Search button.

If you see an assessment for a species in your country that is waiting to be approved, please click the species name first to review the assessment details. If you hold the Ctrl key and click the species name, the assessment will open in a new window, which you can close after you’ve reviewed it, and return to the same place on your My Dashboard page. If you are happy with the assessment data and with the level of comments made by the assessor to support their decisions, you can then click the corresponding “Approved” link to approve that assessment.

If you consider the assessment requires some modification or needs additional supporting comments, you should contact the assessor using the email address provided. You can then discuss the assessment before you approve it.

Please do not approve assessments that have been made for species in countries other than your own.

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After you have reviewed and approved an assessment it will be included in reports such as National Recommended Conservation Actions, and it will be visible to all users of the assessment data.

If the assessor edits an approved assessment and updates the information it contains, it will then need to be reviewed and approved again.

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