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  Assessments by User report

The Assessments by User report displays a list of all assessments, sorted by individual assessors. The default report displays a list of all assessments for all users, sorted alphabetically by species. The report displays the assessors’ last name and first name, species name, country for which the assessment was made, and the date the assessment was created or updated. The report contains only those assessments that have been marked as complete by the assessors, and have been approved by the National Facilitators.

The report can be filtered to show assessments that have been completed by any assessor. Select the Assessor from the User Name dropdown and click the Search button. All completed and approved assessments done by the selected assessor will be displayed.

Note that the User Name dropdown includes only the names of the assessors who have at least one completed and approved assessment.

If the report contains more than 25 assessments, a list of page numbers will be displayed at the bottom of the report. Click any of the page numbers to view the corresponding report page.

Click the Print button to print a copy of the report, or press the Export to Excel button to generate a version of the report that can be opened with Microsoft Excel or compatible programs.

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