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  Tutorial videos

A 15-minute video presentation provides an introduction to the Conservation Needs Assessment, it's background, and how assessments are developed.

Four tutorial videos provide background information on the Conservation Needs Assessment process, and provide guidance for new users of the online program. The videos are currently only available in English, and we are working on Spanish versions of the videos, which will be available within the next few months.

The first video in the series is titled An Introduction to Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessments, and it provides an introduction to the assessments and why they are important as a tool for conservation planning. It explains how the assessment process was developed, who is involved with the assessments and the benefits of the assessments and the recommended conservation actions that they generate.

In the second video, The Online Conservation Needs Assessment Program we introduce the online Conservation Needs Assessments program which was developed in 2015 to supplement the physical assessment workshops which had been run in the past. We show how to use the online program to search for and view assessments, a range of reports and the help system. This video also includes a summary of what is involved in becoming a registered assessor and adding new assessments.

The main tutorial video for assessors is the third video, Managing Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessments, which is specifically designed to teach assessors how to use the online program. It explains the process of registering to become an assessor, logging into the system, and what assessors should expect to see on their dashboard each time they log in. We explain how to add, edit and complete assessments, and how completed assessments are reviewed and approved by national assessment facilitators.

The last video is titled Managing National Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessments, and is specifically for national assessment facilitators. Facilitators help to manage a complete national or regional assessment, including encouraging new assessors and approving their applications, as well as reviewing and approving completed assessments in their country. This review process ensures high quality assessments, which in turn generate accurate recommendations for conservation actions.

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