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  What taxonomic references are used?

The scientific and common names which are used in the Conservation Needs Assessment software are derived from a combination of the IUCN Red List and the AmphibiaWeb database. These are the two main taxonomic references that form the basis of the names in our database.

However, taxonomy is a very dynamic field of study and it is likely that some of the scientific and common names in the current database might change in the future. Unfortunately, Amphibian Ark doesn’t have the necessary resources to stay on top of new species names, changes to genera etc. and often we find that local amphibian experts know one or several new species that aren't yet included in the Red List or AmphibiaWeb. We recognize that it is important to include all species in our database, along with the most current species names, so we will add or update anything that is brought to our attention.

So, if you would find any errors or omissions in our species list, we kindly ask you to send us an email at indicating in the subject line that you would like a change made to the species database, and send us the proposed change or addition. Please also include a link to a valid reference document, so we can verify the update. Please see the taxonomic changes and additions help page  for additional information.
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