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  Approving new assessors

We welcome anyone with the appropriate expertise to apply to become an assessor and to contribute to the species assessments. Anyone can apply by completing the short registration form by clicking the "Sign up to get started!" button on the Home page. When a new request has been submitted, it will appear on the Approve a Request from a New Assessor panel on the My Dashboard page when you login to the program. All new assessors must be approved by the appropriate national facilitator. This approval process ensures that all assessors have appropriate expertise, resulting in assessments and possible conservation actions that are of the highest possible quality.

Each time you login to the program, you should check for any new requests from people with expertise in your country.

The list of new requests will show anyone who has requested to become an assessor within the last three months. Requests that have not yet been approved show up at the top of the list, followed by other assessors who have recently been approved:

(click to enlarge)

Please click the Approve link, to approve the request, if it comes from someone with expertise in the amphibians in your country, and if you know that the person has the appropriate expertise. Please do not approve people who’s expertise you are not sure of, or people whose expertise is not in your country.

If you are unsure of a person’s expertise, please contact them using the email address they have provided, so you can discuss their area of expertise, before you approve their request.

When you approve a new assessor, a welcome email is automatically sent to them letting them know that their request has been approved. They are then able to add new species assessments.

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