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  Assessors and Facilitators report

The Assessors and Facilitators report displays a list of all assessors and national facilitators, sorted by last name. The default report displays a list of all users. The report displays the assessors’ and national facilitators’ last name and first name, email address, country in which they live, the organization in which they work, the countries for which they have amphibian expertise, if they are a member of the Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG), and the type of user.

If the report contains more than 25 users, a list of page numbers will be displayed at the bottom of the report:

(click to expand)

Click any of the page numbers to view the corresponding report page.

The report can be filtered to include only those users with expertise in particular countries. Select a country from the Country dropdown and click the Search button.

The report can also be filtered to show only assessors, only national facilitators, or all approved users. Select the user type(s) from the User Type dropdown and click the Search button.

Click the Print button to print a copy of the report, or press the Export to Excel button to generate a version of the report that can be opened with Microsoft Excel or compatible programs.

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