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  Approving assessments

Conservation Needs Assessments are added and updated by Assessors - people with appropriate levels of expertise in the current status of amphibians in the wild and/or in captivity. Anyone who would like to be an Assessor can apply using the Assessor Signup form from the Home page of the application.

To ensure a consistent level of detail and accuracy across assessments that have been added by multiple Assessors, National Facilitators review and approve all assessments for species within their country or region of expertise. National Facilitators are usually national IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) Chairs, or other national experts delegated by the Chairs. Although assessments that have not yet been approved are visible to other Assessors, they are not included on the View Assessments page, or within National Assessment reports until they have been approved.

When a new or an updated assessment is marked as complete by the Assessor, the relevant National Facilitator is notified, and they can then review the assessment. If they are happy with the content, and with the level of supporting notes, they will then approve the assessment. If they have any concerns with the assessment, the National Facilitator will then contact the Assessor and discuss their concerns. When the concerns have been addressed, the National Facilitator will then mark the assessment as approved.
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