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  Editing my assessments

Assessors may need to edit completed assessments if the parameters change (e.g. if threats increase or decrease, if population status changes, if resources for ex situ management becomes available). Additionally, information for incomplete assessments may be edited (if new data becomes available) or added in order to complete the assessment. When you login, My Dashboard will show “My Incomplete Assessments” with a link to “Complete my assessment”. Use this link to go into the incomplete assessment and edit or add information.

To edit a completed assessment, after logging in, click the “Add assessment” link at the top of the page. This will take you to the Add or Update Assessments page. When you perform a search for your assessments, the grid will show your incomplete and complete assessments. For the complete assessments, the grid will show “Edit my assessment”. If the assessment in not yet complete, the grid will show “Complete my assessment”. Both of these links will take you to the assessment where you can update, add and complete the assessment (if needed).

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